aocAdvent of codedcariotti12 months
unictCode notes from my university studiesdcariotti15 months
dotfilesMy dotfilesdcariotti15 months
m6-ieProject for Internet Security classdcariotti17 months
unict-reservationReserve a study room at University of Catania using a Telegram botdcariotti2 years
hmacsha256Project for Algorithms class dcariotti3 years
frestWrite RESTful API quicklydcariotti3 years
rsantaBe your friends' Secret Santadcariotti3 years
sarmdcariotti3 years
algorithms-data-structuresalgorithms, data structures, OII itdcariotti4 years
stoutCheck TODO listdcariotti6 years
docsGico docsdcariotti3 years
clientGico clientdcariotti3 years
serverGico serverdcariotti3 years
verden-uiFrontend for Social for 3D artistsdcariotti13 months
verdenBackend for Social for 3D artistsdcariotti18 months